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Education for climate action

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Saber ambiental

Environmental knowledge

Foundation. Reflecting on what is known or naturalized allows us to rethink and deconstruct our view of the world around us. Only a state of profound disconnection could lead society to the climate crisis we are experiencing and only a cultural change...

Cambio climático. Ciencia y politíca

Climate change. Science and politics

Foundation. Climate change is a concept that has deep scientific, technical and political content behind it. Through this training, definitions and basic science are provided to understand the phenomenon from an environmental point of view as well as...

Conservación de la biodiversidad y los ecosistemas

Conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems

Foundation This course seeks to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity and ecosystems in the balance of the planet. Through the different thematic modules, you will be able to learn what biodiversity is and its deep interconnection with the health of...

Energías renovables, eficiencia energética y derecho a la energía

Renewable energies, energy efficiency and the right to energy

Foundation. The people participating in this training will have knowledge to contribute to the ecological transition, promoting the development of resilient, inclusive and sustainable communities and societies, with an environmental and inclusive perspective. HE...

Remember that every small action counts

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