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We are united by the passion for what we do. We are motivated by a cause: achieving a more sustainable lifestyle in balance with nature. We communicate, co-create knowledge and mobilize resources, we want to promote that there are new ways of thinking and facing challenges and convey a hopeful and active message in the face of the uncertainty that climate change entails.


We are

Our History

Warm Argentina emerged in 2019 from a team of professionals who understood that the climate crisis requires a more comprehensive, committed and active approach. This is how they created an NGO to add a voice, learn, research, train and inform.

Over time, some continue from Argentina, others from Spain and new people join at each step. We obtained legal status in 2022 and continue to take our impact further.

OUR Values

Equality: Each Warm professional knows the importance of working in harmony and respect, where all voices are heard, and the group's well-being is the primary driver of good results.

Honesty: Transparency is our compass in every strategic decision and step we take, always choosing projects in which we can guarantee the quality of the process and the final product.  

Warmth: People are the centre of everything; empathy is the core of our daily actions and the fruit of our work. And above all, there is the joy of doing what we love to save the world we live in.

Mission and vision

Our Mission: Accelerate the transition towards more sustainable, participatory, inclusive and responsible life models.

Our Vision: Sustainable, prosperous and resilient communities with a deep environmental awareness.

The Founders of

warm Argentina

Specialist in agriculture and climate change. Agricultural Engineer, Master in Marketing and working on his doctoral thesis. His research topics currently focus on understanding and predicting how climate change affects crops and whether they have been changing their location. Likewise, he has also been part of the research staff of the renowned Dr. Pablo Canziani, where he developed research on biodiesel production through microalgae.

Facundo also has extensive experience in international corporations, leading teams in process quality, sales and P&S. He is a great communicator of climate action and is part of the Board of Directors of the Climate Coaches Network at EIT Climate KIC.

Facundo Manzi

Co-founder, Warm Argentina

She is a professional dedicated to the adaptation and climate resilience of cities and territories. His area of expertise is public policies and environmental law. Political scientist, Lawyer, and Master in Urban Economics, she worked for more than 10 years for the Argentine Government in various areas such as the Chamber of Deputies, the national Government and the Government of the city of Buenos Aires. At the international level, he carries out consulting work for Spanish public administrations in project design, search for financing and management of environmental projects. In addition, it is part of the CitiES Platform, which supports the implementation of the European Union's 100 Carbon Neutral Cities Mission by 2030. He is a member of EIT Climate KIC and has also developed research projects on environmental public management for local governments, both with the University of Barcelona and with the Universitat Politècnica de València.

Melanie Amato

Co-founder, Warm Argentina

Remember that every small action counts

We are Warm Argentina